Caring for Baby Teeth

Caring For Baby Teeth Brisbane

Caring for Baby Teeth

Set your child up for life-long dental health early with your Queensland family dentist, Crookes and Jenkins Dental.

Early Development

Lifelong oral health starts with the first tooth. Often overlooked in importance due to their temporary nature, the ‘baby teeth’ actually play a significant role in setting up future dental development. Acting as a guide for correct alignment of adult teeth, they also aid in the proper development of the surrounding muscles and bone; instrumental for a growing child’s speech development and chewing ability.

If the baby teeth suffer it can lead to a number of complications down the track, from speech impediments to functional issues. It is vital that children are encouraged to adopt good dental hygiene habits and not fear the dental chair!

The first baby teeth start to appear around the six-month mark. When your child begins to show increased motor skills it is a good time to start teaching them the proper use of a toothbrush, though they will need your help and supervision for some years.

Good Habits

Good oral care habits are the biggest determinate for your child to have a healthy mouth and an optimum, long-term smile. Habits aren’t easily forgotten; so starting young will give your child the best chance at developing positive behaviours for life. Some of the best habits to encourage include:

  • Healthy diet – minimise sugar intake as this erodes and damages teeth, along with leading to other issues. Encourage water over other sugary drinks and include crunchy vegetables and other healthy foods in meals regularly.
  • Brushing and flossing – brush teeth twice a day and floss once, take the time to teach the correct technique and ensure they are reaching every tooth. They will need you to help until they are able to adequately clean for themselves, often until the age of 7 or 8 years.
  • Regular dental check-ups – there are some things even regular brushing and flossing can miss, which can build up and lead to decay. Visit the dentist from the age of 18 to 24 months, or once the first teeth have appeared, every 6 months for a comprehensive clean and update on their oral development.
  • Avoid thumb sucking or dummies after the child reaches a few years old.

Dental check-ups will not only ensure teeth are completely clean but also examine those factors, such as un-erupted teeth or crooked development, which could become significant issues down the track.

Crookes and Jenkins Family Dental Practice

At Crookes and Jenkins Dental our focus is on providing high-quality oral health care for the whole family. Oral health is very important no matter your age. It is our goal to help each and every patient develop a good awareness of their dental health and the desire for the best possible dental care.

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