Habits that could be harming your teeth

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Habits that could be harming your teeth

There are a number of lifestyle habits that can cause damage to one’s oral health.

It’s no secret that good oral hygiene habits go a long way in maintaining dental health. Regular brushing and flossing are essential habits, while a healthy, balanced diet is also important for overall and oral health. Bedsides committing to a good oral hygiene routine, there are a few habits that should be avoided. Read on to find out which habits could be causing damage to your teeth…

Playing contact sport without a mouthguard

If you play contact sports such as rugby and hockey, it’s very important that you protect your teeth from injury by wearing a mouthguard. Mouthguards are very helpful in preventing a broad range of injuries, including chips, fractures and tooth loss. They also reduce the risk of the lower jaw being broken on impact, as well as the risk of concussion.

While it is possible to purchase mouthguards over the counter at chemists and sports stores, we recommend that you come in and have a custom mouthguard made. Custom mouthguards are designed to fit comfortably as they are fabricated with the use of an impression that is taken of the teeth. To find out more about custom mouthguards, please have a look here.

Eating sticky candy

Consuming too much sugar can increase the risk of developing issues like tooth decay, so it is important to eat sweet treats in moderation only. While all sugary foods can cause tooth decay, some are worse than others. Gummy candy, for example, tends to stick in the teeth, which means that sugars and acids are in contact with the teeth for long periods of time. If you do indulge in gummy candy, try and make it a part of a meal as more saliva is produced at mealtimes compared with snack times. Also, rinse your mouth with water after eating sweet treats as this helps to wash away leftover food debris.

If you suspect that you have tooth decay, we recommend that you come in for a check-up. Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums and let you know if you require treatment. To find out what happens at a dental check-up, please have a look here.

Drinking sweet drinks

Sweetened sodas are generally full of sugar, which promotes tooth decay. They also tend to be quite acidic, which means that they wear away at the enamel of the teeth. Sports drinks and sweetened fruit juices are also usually high in sugar. Try and swap sodas, juices and sports drinks for water — not only is water better for your oral health, but it’s good for your overall health as well. If you want to keep things interesting, add some fresh fruits and berries, such as lemon slices and blueberries, for a refreshing beverage.

Choosing stain-causing foods and drinks

There are a number of foods and drinks that can cause stains and discolouration on the surface of your teeth. One of the biggest culprits is coffee — its dark colour, as well as its acidity, can lead to discolouration. Other foods and drinks that can stain the teeth include wine, tea, dark sauces like soy, tomato and curry sauces, and highly pigmented fruits, berries, and vegetables.

Fortunately, stains and discolouration can usually be resolved with a whitening treatment. The treatment is both safe and effective and can be performed in-office or at home. To find out about the teeth whitening treatments that we offer, please have a look here.

If you would like to make an appointment to see us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer a range of dental services to help you maintain your oral health. Besides general dentistry, such as check-ups and cleans, we also offer cosmetic and restorative treatments. For a full list of the procedures that we offer at Crookes and Jenkins, please have a look here.

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