How do you look after your teeth at Christmas

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How do you look after your teeth at Christmas

Did you know that even Santa and his Elves brush their teeth after every holiday treat? Because they have to, so that they can keep their bright happy smiles! You should too!

Every time you eat, you are damaging your teeth. Our teeth need taking care of by brushing, flossing and using mouthwash.

Why good oral hygiene is important

It is important to keep good oral hygiene if you would like healthy teeth and gums. Every time you consume food or drink that contains sugar, the bacteria found inside plaque, breaks the sugar down into acid that rots our teeth.

These acids wear down the protective layer of our teeth known as enamel. Taking good care of your mouth is crucial to reducing tooth erosion and gum disease.

We have prepared ways in which we believe Santa takes care of his mouth while still enjoying all his favourite festive foods!

Learn how Santa protects his teeth from holiday treats:

Santa does the following simple steps to make sure he maintains his healthy teeth and gums, especially over the holiday period, where he is enjoying all his favourite foods.

Brushing daily:

Santa brushes his teeth twice a day and after every meal if possible as this removes excess food and plaque. Leaving this plaque and food causes oral hygiene issues.

Brushing after eating is important to Santa as this helps him remove excess sugars and acids that rot his teeth.

Flossing daily:

Santa makes sure he flosses daily to remove food and plaque buildup between his teeth and in small spaces that the toothbrush cannot reach. This should be done every evening before bed.

Rinsing and using mouthwash daily:

Santa finds it extremely effective to rinse his mouth with water after eating, so he can wash away excess sugars and acids, to decrease enamel erosion.

He also uses his mouthwash daily, as this kills bacteria, bad breath and reduces chances of infection.


Just like Santa, you should use toothpaste which contains fluoride, as this helps strengthen teeth and repairs enamel.

Daily vitamins:

Santa also makes sure he gets his daily intake of vitamins, by making sure he eats his fair share of vegetables, fruits, nuts and other healthy foods.

Dental visits:

Santa knows he must visit his trusty dental Elf to ensure he maintains his health teeth and gums. By visiting his dentist, he can find out what he should be doing more of, and less of.

At Crookes and Jenkins Dental in Brisbane, our friendly staff want you to have a healthy smile just like Santa, which is why we offer a range of dental treatments. Our treatments range from general check-ups and cleans to more involved treatments.

For more information or to book a dental appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team here.

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