Study shows dental implants help improve the quality of life

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Study shows dental implants help improve the quality of life

Long-term studies spanning a ten-year period have researched the economic and lifestyle implications of dental implants. A study, published in the “International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants” earlier this year revealed that overall, dental implants improved the quality of life for patients and reduced long-term costs.

Dental implants improve function and aesthetic

Tooth loss doesn’t have to mean the end of your energetic lifestyle. Dental implants act in the same fashion as a natural tooth. Medical-grade titanium posts are inserted into the gum, replacing a natural root, and providing all the strength and function of your natural teeth. This means you can continue to eat your favourite foods, maintain regular speech and the general function of your mouth and teeth.

The porcelain dental crowns used by Crookes and Jenkins Dental, which are attached to the inserted implant post, are colour matched to your other healthy teeth. This means they are virtually unnoticeable to others and you can maintain your discretion and privacy while smiling confidently.

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Cost of dental implants

The study confirms that although the initial cost of an implant may seem high, the overall long-term costs are worthwhile. A single tooth implant, when compared with dental bridges, is often a more cost-effective treatment option for tooth loss.

Tooth loss is not simply an aesthetic issue; it can lead to a host of further problems. Without tooth replacement, patients can suffer from the slurring of speech, uneven wearing on other teeth, hollow cheeks that give an aged appearance, further tooth loss and even jawbone loss. Dental implants are permanent fixtures which mimic the look and function of natural teeth. This means they can treat or prevent the health issues associated with tooth loss.

No other tooth replacement treatment can offer this full list of benefits. They cannot look after the jaw and other surrounding teeth as they do not replace the tooth root. Dental implants improve the function and aesthetic of your smile while also limiting the need for further dental work.

Are your dentures uncomfortable?

Many patients who need a tooth replacement automatically consider dentures as they are immediate and removable. However, sometimes patients report experiencing some discomfort due to slipping and rubbing against gums.

Dental implants are fixed in place by the titanium post and, therefore, do not slip around and cause the discomfort of dentures. Their fixed nature means that they do not need to be taken out to clean, patients can simply continue with their regular active maintenance routine including brushing, flossing and regular check-ups with the Crookes and Jenkins Dental team.

Do you want a tooth replacement treatment that improves the quality of your life and saves you long-term costs? Contact Crookes and Jenkins Dental today to book your dental implant consultation.

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