The importance of mouthguards

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The importance of mouthguards

Mouthguards offer protection for teeth during impact. They are able to help prevent cracking, chipping and even tooth loss, which can all be extremely damaging to a patient’s oral health.

Accidents can happen. A knock, fall or collision can all result in dental injuries to the teeth and mouth. However, the highest risk of impact to the mouth and face occur when playing sports, even if they are not full contact. Mouthguards reduce the risk of these injuries as they protect your mouth and teeth during impact. It is therefore recommended that you and your children utilise this protection when playing a sport.

Custom-made dental mouthguards

It is important for adults and children to use a mouthguard that fits securely and covers the entirety of their arch. Many mouthguards which are purchased from a chemist or sports stores are ill-fitting and are less likely to offer proper protection as they do not extend far enough. They may even cause further damage to the wearer.

Custom-made dental mouthguards from Crookes and Jenkins Dental are individually created to securely fit a patient’s teeth and offer optimum protection.  They are constructed from a plaster model that is made from an impression of the patient’s teeth. This means they are specifically designed to provide an accurate fit. As they are custom-made, mouthguards made by your dentist can be made in a variety of colours, even clear.

Dental emergencies

Protecting teeth from injuries should be a high priority as they can be painful and even offer long-term problems.

Mouthguards protect teeth from chipping and cracking. These injuries can be very painful and require dental bonding or even crowns to bring back full function and appearance.

Tooth displacement, or a tooth being knocked-out, is a common dental emergency as a result of the sporting impact. These injuries are distressing and painful to patients and could lead to a dental implant and crown if immediate action is not taken. Custom-made mouthguards greatly reduce the risk of tooth loss, preventing complex restorative treatment.

When a mouthguard fits properly it also has the ability to lessen the likelihood of the lower jaw being broken as the force of the impact is reduced in this area. This also means that the likelihood of concussion is reduced as the impact to the jaw that is transmitted to the skull is reduced.

Not just for kids

Adults generally exhibit greater force and impact when playing sports than children, so it is still important to undertake appropriate protection in your adult years. Custom-made mouthguards from Crookes and Jenkins Dental are the superior product when protecting teeth, reducing the risks of many dental emergencies.

If you would like to be fitted for a custom-made mouthguard or would like to find out more about the importance of mouthguards in sport, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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