What is a root canal?

Root Canal Treatment Brisbane

What is a root canal?

Commonly presented as one of the most hated dental treatments, the humble root canal is fairly similar to a routine filling and could actually save your damaged tooth.

Root canal therapy is a common dental treatment that aims to remove damaged internal tissue from a tooth. This type of treatment will significantly improve the strength and durability of your damaged teeth, restoring its function and lifespan.

Why do you need root canal therapy?

Teeth are made up of many layers. At the centre of a tooth is a soft tissue called pulp. This area is full of nerves and blood vessels that keep the tooth ‘alive.’ The internal pulp of a tooth can become infected and swollen due to a number of external issues that weaken a tooth.

These include:

  • deep decay
  • Many procedures on the same tooth
  • A significant trauma
  • Chips, cracks or fractures in the tooth

Once the pulp is infected, root canal therapy is necessary to avoid excessive pain and complications including abscess or even tooth loss.

Signs you may need root canal therapy:

  • Pain
  • Tooth discolouration
  • Swelling
  • irritation

How long does a root canal take?

A root canal treatment can be performed in one appointment with your dentist at Crookes and Jenkins Dental but more commonly it is performed over two appointments to optimise both patient comfort and outcome. The process is completed under local anaesthetic to reduce the level of pain or discomfort.

After anaesthetic is applied, a plastic dam will be fitted around the infected tooth to create a sterile environment free of saliva and bacteria present in your mouth. A small hole will be created and your dentist will remove the infected and dying pulp. The tooth will then be cleaned and filled with a filling to restore the tooth structure and prevent re-infection.

In some cases, damaged teeth may be too weak on their own, even after the inserted filling. They may need a post or crown applied to strengthen the tooth further and prevent further damage.

Does a root canal hurt?

Many patients are concerned about the pain of a root canal, however, the pain is from the infected pulp and the root canal treatment is designed to treat it! In most cases, the pain level is fairly similar to a routine filling. The area will be under local anaesthetic and the tissue will be dead or dying, meaning the nerves and blood vessels will no longer feel pain.

While we cannot guarantee a pain-free treatment every time, we can guarantee you will be treated with exceptional care and a high level of skill at Crookes and Jenkins Dental.

If you have been told you need a root canal, the team at Crookes and Jenkins are happy to give a second opinion and will provide the care you need in a caring environment.

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