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From our relaxed Rosalie practice we are proud to serve Toowong and the wider Brisbane community with excellent care and friendly service.

  • High quality care for the whole family
  • Personal, gentle and friendly service
  • Serving all of your oral and dental health needs
  • Modern technology and strict hygiene standards
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“We believe in the golden rule: treating patients
as we would wish to be treated ourselves”

— Dr Sean Crookes

Our focus is on providing first-class oral healthcare for the whole family.

With a wide range of professional and modern treatments we cater for the needs of all ages, from infants to teenagers, adults and the elderly. You can be sure your dental and oral health is in good hands with the experienced team at Crookes & Jenkins Dental.

We strive to form relationships with our patients and work with them over time to ensure their continued health. Our philosophy is to encourage preventive care to avoid the occurrence of significant issues and the need for extensive restorative treatment.

We believe in educating our patients and raising personal awareness of dental health; through this we are able to give you the best chance at maintaining a healthy smile for life.

We are especially concerned with improving the dental health of children. Kids can often find dental health boring which can lead to them learning incorrect oral health habits. We provide a range of fun activities that aim to educate children about dental health in an engaging way. We also have plenty of tips for parents so that you can make sure your child’s oral health is at its best.

Our practice

Our facilities were designed with you in mind. Comfortable and peaceful surroundings help you feel at ease, a theme we continue through your treatment, making appointments anxiety-free and as painless as possible. For those who feel particularly stressed or anxious about the dental office, we do offer sedation dentistry. This means that you can still achieve the dental treatments you desire without fear or worry. The last thing we want is for you to miss out on treatment due to anxiety about our office.

We have outfitted our practice with modern technology to improve the standard of care, and so we can comprehensively assess your oral health. The team at Crookes & Jenkins Dental continues to innovate and adopt new techniques and technology so we can always provide you with the care you need and deserve.

High standards, premium care.

From the latest in dental X-ray technology to modern infection control equipment, we demand high standards from our tools and ourselves. We prioritise your safety and comfort so you can be certain your oral health is well cared for.

Meet our dentists

Dr Sean Crookes has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years in Australia and the United Kingdom. Sean is dedicated to his patients and spends quality time explaining treatments and procedures, sharing his passion for the work. He regularly updates his skills and attends various education courses throughout the year. As well as being a father and family man, Sean is also actively involved with a number of charities and associations to help enrich the local community and help those who are less fortunate.

Dr Nicolie Jenkins has also practiced dentistry for over 20 years and her friendly, calming nature allows Crookes & Jenkins Dental to provide patients with personal, gentle and friendly service. She also attends regular education courses and volunteers for a number of community organisations.

The family dentist for Toowong QLD

For premium care and exceptional service come and see the team at Crookes & Jenkins Dental in Rosalie. Proudly serving the community with exemplary dental and oral health care.

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