Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy Paddington Rosalie Brisbane

Our pricing policy at Crookes & Jenkins

Our business is the provision of quality dental services for which we charge a fair fee based on the value of the service we provide.

All of us at Crookes & Jenkins Dental are dedicated to keeping the costs of providing your treatment as low as possible without compromising our commitment to your comfort, health and safety. It is our belief that you, our valued patients, would prefer to have the best care we can give you, rather than a compromised service. Most of our patients accept our fee structure without wondering how the fees are calculated but some of you may be interested in learning how the fees are determined.

We conduct audits periodically to find out what the costs of the provision of services are. The process is quite involved, requiring the recording over several months, the time and materials required to deliver the services as well as their costs, laboratory costs and other overheads associated with the provision of those services. From this information we are then able to determine with reasonable accuracy, the costs involved with the delivery of the services and then what is reasonable and fair to charge for the services. It is an enlightening exercise for all concerned and our staff are often surprised to discover just how expensive it can be to provide quality dental services. It does, however, reinforce how reasonable our fees and services are and what exceptional value they represent.

Our policy

  • It is our policy to give you full details of the fees for your dental procedures to help you plan your treatment and avoid any surprises. If you have concerns regarding payment please discuss the matter with your treatment coordinator or your Dentist.
  • We understand that your time and money is valuable and so we have made the paying of your account as easy as possible.
  • For your convenience we accept cash, cheques, most major credit cards and have installed EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities.
  • We prefer payment on the day of service

Pricing Policy for Patients in Paddington Brisbane at Crookes & Jenkins

For more information on our pricing policy or for us to answer any other questions you might have about payment, do not hesitate to contact us at Crookes & Jenkins today!

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