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Restorative Treatments Brisbane Rosalie Paddington

Have you spotted tooth decay?

If you have symptoms of decay, such as a grey, brown or black spot on the surface of the tooth, toothache and sensitivity, or persistent bad breath, it is important that you visit your dentist as soon as possible. As the decay worsens, further damage is caused, and the chances of easily restoring the tooth decreases.

Treating the damage early as well as replacing missing teeth as early as possible is important to your oral health. Early intervention and treatment improves the effectiveness of most treatments.

Reasons why you may need restorative dentistry

There are a number of different restorative treatments available and a number of reasons why you may wish to seek restorative dentistry.

  • If you have tooth decay and cavities, then you may need a filling or multiple fillings.
  • More serious tooth decay could require dental crowns, and tooth decay that has reached the inside of the tooth and infected the pulp may need root canal treatment.
  • If you have lost a tooth due to tooth decay, or if you have lost teeth due to injury or trauma then you may need dental crowns, bridges, dental implants or dentures to fill the gap.
  • If your tooth is chipped or broke, dental crownsand bridges can also be used.

All of these treatments are especially suited to your mouth so that they blend in well and don’t look out of place. Your dental health and aesthetics can both be improved through restorative dentistry.

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