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Keep the structure of your mouth with removeable dentures

Aside from the aesthetics of having a complete smile, there are a number of health reasons as to why you may want to replace missing teeth. When permanent teeth are missing, other teeth in the mouth can move in an attempt to fill the gap. This can cause issues in terms of teeth and bite alignment. It can also cause issues in your speech and eating. Of course, this can be an issue in your day to day life.

If your general oral functionality is impeded, then this can cause inconvenience. With dentures, you are able to maintain a completed smile and oral functions, and not impede on your daily life.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are those that you can remove and replace at will. These types of dentures can replace one tooth, all of your natural teeth, or any number of missing teeth in between.

Some removable dentures are made to be inserted immediately after the removal of a tooth or many teeth. These types of removable dentures are commonly termed ‘immediate dentures’.

Before any denture treatment is undertaken, it is recommended that you have a thorough oral health maintenance check. This will include a full examination of your teeth, gums and other soft tissues of your mouth. At this time radiographs are taken to ensure any remaining teeth are healthy and strong enough to aid in the support of a denture.

Of course, it is important that you continue to take care of your teeth when you have dentures. Brushing and flossing are still vital aspects in maintaining dental health and ensuring no further issues arise as you progress through your denture treatment.


Once your mouth is ready to have dentures made, impressions of both the upper and lower teeth and the gums are taken and sent away to a dental technician for production.

The second appointment will involve taking another set of impressions with trays that have been specially made to fit your teeth.

At the next appointment the technician will have returned wax rims, which your dentist will mould to the correct dimensions for your teeth and gums.

The following appointment will involve ‘trying in’ your new teeth, which will be set in wax. At this stage you will decide if you are happy with the colour, shape and size of the teeth. If you are satisfied, the dentures will be sent back to the technician for completion.

At the final appointment, the new dentures are fitted. If necessary a follow-up appointment will be made to make any minor adjustments to the new dentures. Because the dentures are fitted to your mouth, they will give a natural look that fits into the aesthetics of your mouth.

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Dentures are removable appliances used to replace missing teeth. They can be partial or complete and are made of acrylic resin or metal. Dentures help restore chewing and speaking abilities and provide support to facial muscles. Proper care and maintenance are required for their longevity.

Dentures can be secured in the mouth using a variety of methods, including clasps, implants or adhesives. The method used is personalised, based on the specific denture type and individual patient requirements. Consulting with a qualified dentist is important to determining the optimal method for denture retention. Regular dental check-ups and adjustments are essential for maintaining a comfortable and secure fit.

The lifespan of dentures typically ranges from 5 to 10 years, but it can vary. Proper care, regular check-ups, and adjustments can help extend their longevity.

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